AMEXPO CONSULT is a used machinery brokerage company with more than 30 years experience in the concrete industry. We also represent some of the best and respected manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the concrete industry world wide.  

Through our net work of customers and co-operation partners we can sell your used machinery, or we can find the equipment you need whether it is a complete plant or individual machinery. We offer the following services:


  • Brokerage of used concrete equipment.
  • Standard or special designed concrete moulds.
  • New machinery for production of concrete pipes, manholes.
  • Technical service in connection with dismantling and re-installation

          of used machinery and equipment.


We always have a great selection of different types of machinery in our portfolio. However, if you do not find what you need we will be gladly to look for the equipment you need.


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The KRS model 33 universal concrete product machine with computer control, hydraulic power pack and optional VF vibration system for the mass production of a wide range of dense to light weight, and natural to multi color, single / face mix concrete products such as blocks, bricks, pavers, kerbs, retaining wall units, etc., all within the max product dimensions of W = 1280 mm, L = 890 mm and H = 300 mm and on a hardwood board of 1400 x 950 x 40 mm.


The KRS Universal machine has a min cycle time of 12 / 13 secs when producing 24 # 100 mm solid block and a min cycle time of 13 / 14 secs when producing 48 # rectangular pavers. The finger car type handling together with the curing tunnel configuration as well as the automatic cubing system are designed to match the block machine output.









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Amexpo Consult has more than 30 years experience in the concrete business.


We are working together with some of the best machinery and equipment manufacturer in the world.